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On August 28, the Catholic Church celebrates the life of Saint Augustine of Hippo, the North African educator who became one of history's greatest teachers of the faith after his dramatic conversion.

The story of Augustine's upbringing and conversion is well-known to many through his autobiographical “Confessions.” In that work, Augustine recounts his birth in 354 to his pagan father Patricius and Catholic mother Monica – later St. Monica – in the city of Tagaste. His parents' difficult marriage included a dispute over whether to baptize their children.

Augustine was nearly baptized during a childhood illness, but his father withdrew permission when he recovered. During his adolescence, Monica's Christian influence over her son's life began to wane, giving way to the self-interested pursuit of a secular education and career as well as social acceptance and romantic love.

At age 16, Augustine traveled to Carthage to continue his education in rhetoric. There, the young student indulged the desires of his heart and flesh, though he later admitted that this way of life brought him pain and torment along with its pleasure and satisfaction. He was, as he later wrote, “scourged with the burning iron rods of jealousy, suspicion, fear, anger, and strife.”

In 371, Augustine's father became a Catholic and received baptism. In his search for stability and meaning, however, Augustine became an adherent of the Manichaean religion. His entry into this sect, which regarded matter as evil and promoted “liberation” from the physical world, caused his mother intense grief. So too did Augustine's fathering of an illegitimate child.

Haunted by questions about the nature of good and evil, Augustine became disillusioned with Manichaeism. He turned to the later followers of Plato, whose concept of God agreed in some areas with Catholic doctrine. Augustine also turned his ear to the preaching of St. Ambrose of Milan, whose sermons removed some of his difficulties in believing the Bible.

As a professor of the liberal arts, Augustine appreciated these intellectual arguments for God's existence and Church teaching. Ultimately, however, his decision to be baptized would require a deeper conversion of his heart and will. This occurred in 386 when, at age 33, he tearfully agreed to abandon his personal vices and enter the Church.

The intellectually restless convert received Baptism from St. Ambrose on Easter of 387, shortly before the death of his holy and beloved mother Monica. Having abandoned his academic career and sold his possessions, Augustine soon began his work as a Catholic apologist and theologian. Not long after, a group of local believers persuaded him to enter the priesthood, which he did in 391.

From 396 until his death, Augustine served as the Bishop of Hippo in North Africa. He led a religious order of men who lived in apostolic poverty without personal possessions. He also led the local Church through challenging times that included the breakdown of Roman imperial authority and widespread confusion about basic Catholic beliefs.

As a bishop, Augustine presented the faith in a compelling and intelligent manner, while warning his flock – both verbally and in writing – about the danger of different heresies. These errors included Arianism, the denial that Jesus is God; Donatism, the belief that corrupt clergy have no authority; and Pelagianism, which denied original sin and taught that humans could achieve their own salvation.

In the last years of his life, Augustine saw the old Roman imperial order undergo a violent and chaotic transition with an uncertain outcome. The Church, too, continued to struggle despite his and other bishops' efforts. In the Vandal-besieged city of Hippo, St. Augustine died on August 28, 430.

After his death, through the legacy of his writings, St. Augustine became the most influential theologian in the history of Western Christianity. Pope Benedict XVI, who once described the saint as his “traveling companion” in life and ministry, has devoted six general audiences to St. Augustine's life and thought since his election.

In August 2010, the Pope spoke of “an important aspect of [Augustine's] human and Christian experience, which is also timely in our day.”

“All too often,” Pope Benedict reflected, “people prefer to live only the fleeting moment, deceiving themselves that it will bring lasting happiness; they prefer to live superficially, without thinking, because it seems easier; they are afraid to seek the truth or perhaps afraid that the truth will find us, will take hold of us and change our life, as happened to St Augustine.”

St. Augustine's life, the Pope observed, teaches all people – even those weak or challenged in their faith – “not to be afraid of the Truth, never to interrupt the journey towards it and never to stop searching for the profound truth about yourselves and other things with the inner eye of the heart. God will not fail to provide light to see by, and warmth to make the heart feel that he loves us and wants to be loved.”


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Class Reunion Quotes

Is there life after high school? Do people ever recover from that intense social experience? Some don't, they spend the rest of their lives trying to justify what they were, or were not, in high school. This is why high school reunions are so emotional, especially the first one. Some won't go because they feel they are no longer cool. Others can't wait to show up because they have achieved.

At our age, most of us just look forward to seeing and getting acquainted once again with old friends and hearing their life stories. It also gives us another opportunity to get acquainted with classmates that we didn't get to know in high school.  Whatever you feel, don't let anything keep you away or you will miss out on a great opportunity.  

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"I don't know if we each have a destiny, or if we're all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze. But I think maybe it's both. Maybe both are happening at the same time."


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

You are involve
Check whats happening in our class
2:34 am edt 


The very first grand reunion ever after 29th years held in Villa Aurora Resort and Hotel in San Josef (former Navao) , Jaen with the help of many batch mate who shared their effort and finance capability to make this a big success with 78% attendance. Special thanks to all people who help to make this reunion a big success and fun to all who make it and  their presence acknowledge. We thank you all  (from USA, CANADA, RUSSIA,SYRIA, ISRAEL, BELGUIM, AUSTRALIA, UK , SAUDI ARABIA ,UAE and the PHILS batch mate) and our very own Reunion Commitee Officers  and  all the alumnus and former principal and teachers without you all there is no events like ours. Special thanks to the Mayor of Jaen , Hon. Santy  Austria and Mrs. Loreto M Velarde former principal who make a short speech during the celebration. Enjoy watching collection of picture in video format.

1st Grand Reunion San Agustin Academy Batch 83 (April 8,2012) from Poblacion Jaen on Vimeo.


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On this page, we may include pictures of our members or of the work we do.

We invite you to visit us or attend an event. Our members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the association (SAAAA) and how you can join.
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Former Principal and former teacher' s who joined with us in our very special moment


Former teacher's and Alumnus fancy for a memorable group picture in altar of New San Agustin Church


Ladies of Batch 83 having a good time together again after 29 yrs.


The boys with their new found cherry of their eyes


Ladies and gentlemen of IV - Bronze with their big smile seeing each other again after long long years...


Lets welcome the ladies and gentlemen of IV - Silver travelling from far place to meet evrybody


The almost complete attendance of IV - Gold with a four percent shy to make a 100%, having fun seeing each other even crossing from other continent to meet and hug our fellow alumnus.


Guys waiting for their cue for the live band to play and enjoy dancing.


Say cheese ladies and squeeze so we can have a nice group picture


Former principal , teachers and alumnus having their big and sweet smile.


Former San Agustin Academy principal and still in robust health Mrs. Loreto M. Velarde. She give us an inspiring speech having meeting again after 29 years after graduation.


The Mayor of Jaen : Hon. Santiago " Santy" Austria, congratulating all officers , former principal / teacher's ,alumnus and guest who make and enjoyed the fun of meeting again after long long years .


The ladies and gentlemen behind to make this reunion a big success, without all of you we can't make it.


The four ladies who make most of the round in whole Jaen to reached all of the alumni and donors to make this reunion a reality for everyone after long years.


Mr. Pogi and his beautiful ladies


The big boys having fun with big bottle , cheers ya mate !!!


Excitement that's the feeling you can feel when you met again your classmates from long long time . Happiness glows in everyone's eyes. Thank you for coming ..


How happy this day when we shared all the happy memories of our high school days.


The principal , the teacher, business woman, nurse and housewife in happy moments.


Friendship forever...


Reunion Cake (Made by Ismal Cake and Pastries  Dampulan Jaen)


Reunion  April 2012 Official Crest printed in left chest of reunion tshirt

Official Flower : Yellow Rose

Official Stone : Carnellian


Jaen Map inside Eagle holding the cross and orb printed in reunion tshirt sleeve


Reunion Qoutes printed at the back of reunion tshirt


Invitation Card (Made by Inkmark Prints and Signs Jaen Proper)


Attendee's Official  Rectangle Name Tag 

Made by Dinsmor Promo in Pasay City


Visiting Ms Vina Esquivel our batch mate in her San Isidro residence wife of San Isidro town Mayor


Juegos De Coches

Alumnus living or base in 6 Continent

San Agustin Academy Batch 83 Slideshow: Poblacion’s trip to 38 cities including and New York City was created with TripAdvisor TripWow!

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